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Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

Imagine…a couple sitting at the wooden door in a small abandoned house surrounded by tall dark trees, peace and tranquillity. In that moment they are living, laughing, smiling, planning their future ahead while sipping tea, cracking some inside jokes or just appreciating their company together , or

…a vast field with tall green grass, a girl running, her skin shining bright due to sunlight, running towards a boy standing at a distance with arms wide open… or

Or imaging two people on an adventure or walking hand in hand; standing over a bridge looking at a distance going on a road trip blasting and singing music together or the best of all playing with dogs!

And now imaging someone capturing all these moments, candid, poses, laughter, smiles and glances…all of it! Just for the couple to cherish their togetherness, well this is a Pre-wedding photo shoot!

You can choose a concept for the shoot from a range of ideas like an in-house shoot, include your friends, bring in a flair of old days with a vintage theme, etc.


  • We never need a reason to post a picture online and what is better than a picture that resonates nothing but love between two people.
  • It gives an opportunity at a better understanding of the two souls.
  • Pre-wedding pictures will radiate the couple energy, the vibe you two share.
  • Pre-wedding pictures is a way to announce, show and celebrate your love story in your own way.
  • These pictures can be used for wedding invites as well.
  • These photo shoots helps in building the couple-photographer rapport before the wedding.
  • You can fulfill your dream pictures and videos through this photo shoot.


The shoots can be a grand affair at an exotic location or a much private and personal affair at a distant place, a place that reflects a significant moment in your relationship.

And to capture these beautiful and joyous moments you need the best photographer and to take care of this you have Ravindra Photo Sales, one of the best in the business.

Be sure to keep a few locations in the reserve and find out the hours in which you can catch it with a minimum of visitors.

Planning and deciding on a location is important. Choose a location that matches well with your chosen theme. Book the timing and make payments if necessary. Look for the time when the place is not too busy with the visitors.

It’s up to your preferred choice to go for the majestic or a more budget friendly location.

But to get the perfect Pre-wedding shoot done you need to have a perfect location. You can opt for hills too as they offer scenic beauty, that can make your pictures look more beautiful. For other locations you can go for palaces, cafes, car rides, your own house etc.

Ravindra Photo Sales offers Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots at various locations that are both beautiful and suitable for the purpose, also they offer you the most reasonable prices for these locations!

Here are some pictures of pre-wedding photo shoots, with the prices and videos links, done by Ravindra Photo Sales:

  • Perfect location

(INR 30,000/-)












  • Location for You

(INR- 15,000/-)








  • Picture villa

(INR- 25,000/-)      


  • Studio future forward









  • Tijara Fort Palace

(INR 50,000)






  • Neemrana fort Palace

(INR 50,000/-)












  • Tikli Bottom

(INR 18,000/-)









  • Noor Mahal

(INR 40,000 – 50,000/-)







  • Jaypee Greens Resort

(INR- 50,000/- APPROX.) [Exact price on request]







And many more…


You can also opt for offbeat destination like Hill Stations.

The pictures come out to be dreamy. Period. Have a look!



Just remember to make your pre-wedding photo shoot memorable be ahead with planning, be comfortable, have fun and celebrate love.

And to help you with all your pre-wedding photo shoot woes, you can contact us; RAVINDRA PHOTO SALES, your one stop solution for wedding & fashion photography, cinematic films and much more. Featured on Shaadiwish and DforDelhi as one of the best Photo Studio In Delhi. Ravindra Photo Sales also deals in Candid Photography, Cinematic films.

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31 Mar, 2020